Str. Berechet nr. 9, bl. T31A, sc. 1, et. 8, ap. 169, sector 2, Bucuresti

Our company is very young and ambitious. We have officially set up in early 2017, but most of us have an experience of 5 to 12 years in terms of the services we propose to offer you.

Our goal is that your business flourishes, and we remain a reliable partner in the long run.

Why choose our services?

We offer services tailored to your needs.

We save you time and effort.

We are a team of courageous people who do not give up until they get the result they want.

Our offer includes mainly translation and interpretation services, as well as a varied package of activities in the field of human resources. Besides these, we provide you through our partners with occupational safety and health services, job evaluation, emergency and fire protection management, occupational health services, waste management, accounting, insurance (civil liability insurance for car owners, optional car insurance, professional insurance, mandatory housing insurance, optional housing insurance etc.), which contribute to the healthy growth of a successful business.