Human resources

Our human resources services include:

Selection and recruitment

Recruitment is a process of searching, identifying, locating and attracting potential candidates from which to select the most competitive and best suited to the needs and interests of your organization. Requires special techniques as the future performance of your company depends on the quality of the recruitment process.

Selection is a process of choosing the most appropriate and competitive candidate for occupying apposition, based on a well-defined set of criteria, after a thorough analysis of your organization, establishing a match between your business’s characteristics and the physical, mental, and informational skills the candidates are presenting.

Personnel administration

Auditing and inventory of personnel files upon takeover from the customer, periodically and when required

Personnel documents drafting, updating, archiving and management

Preparation of individual labor agreements, addenda, suspension decisions, termination decisions, clearance forms

Drawing up disciplinary research files

Drawing up the file for the posting of foreigners / Romanians to / from the EU area (Form E101)

Drawing up the certificates and other documents requested by the employees or by different institutions: medic, bank, length of service, unemployment

Organizing occupational health exams (recruitment & periodic ones)

Recording and filing of the General Register of Employees Management (REVISAL) in the format required by the legislation in force

Drawing up and transmission of reports with personnel information upon the customer’s request

Representing the customer in the relationship with the state authorities

Legal reporting to the Unemployment Agency, etc.


Monthly centralization of the necessary timesheets for salary calculations

Administration of medical leaves, consenting leave and rest leaves

Administration of dependents for calculating personal deductions

Data input to the payroll software: timesheets, allowances and bonuses, rest leaves, medical leave, alimony, garnishments

Issuance of the monthly payroll

Issuance and submission of the monthly Statement 112

Drawing up payment orders for salary contributions

Ordering meal vouchers

Monthly issue of the electronic payment file for the bank for the payment of salaries

Generation of payslips and transmission by e-mail or paper to each employee

Monthly issuance of the accounting note (distribution of wage costs by cost centers)

Monthly / quarterly / annual issue of internal salary reports (i.e. medical leave, rest leave, company cost etc.) agreed through implementation procedures

Monthly / quarterly / annual issue of the statistical reports requested by the National Institute of Statistics

Calculation of wage retentions

Personnel management

Assessment of staff performance

Drafting Internal Regulations

Drawing up the organizational chart

Drawing up job descriptions

Preparation of various working procedures, personnel policies

Establishment of job requirements and job descriptions for job vacancies