The insurance represents a system of economic and social relations, a necessary objective process of economic and social development stemming from the action of objective economic laws consisting in the joint creation by individuals and legal entities threatened by certain risks of a fund from which they compensate damages and satisfy other probable, unpredictable economic and financial requirements.

We can offer you:

* Mandatory insurance:

Civil liability insurance for car owners

Mandatory housing insurance

* Optional insurance:

Optional car insurance

Health insurance

Travel insurance

Life insurance

Insurance for buildings and offices

Insurance for civil liability

Agricultural insurance

Maritime and aviation insurance

Insurance for construction works

Insurance for commercial credit & warranties

By using our broker we assure you that we always represent your interest and we undertake the intermediation of the entire insurance acquisition process, providing you with the best solutions.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with us:

time efficiency

recommending and identifying the best solutions for your case

assistance in case of any damage

a wide range of insurances and services

“New York is not the work of people, but of insurers; without insurance there would be no skyscrapers, because no worker would accept to work at such a height, risking to make a deadly plunger and leave his family in misery; without insurance, no capitalist would invest millions to build such buildings, which a single cigarette butt might turn into ash; without insurance no one would travel by car on the streets. Even with a Ford, a driver is aware of the fact that he is always risking to hit a pedestrian.” – Henri Ford