Managerial assistance, secretariat, data input and validation

* Opening bank accounts

* Assistance with notary public – authentications, certifications, consultancy

* Primary accounting – issuing and transmitting invoices

* Primary accounting – online payments – introduction (without validation)

* Primary accounting – tracking collection / payments

* Thematic information searches on the Internet

* Writing, editing, transcribing, scanning, copying, printing of documents

* Drawing up document templates (templates)

* Drawing up business documents (contracts, minutes, databases, advertising flyers or posters, informative brochures, letters of intent, resumes, referral letters, activity reports, memos etc.)

* Writing correspondence in Romanian and English

* Drawing up tables and graphs in MS. Office Excel

* Drawing up presentations in MS. Office PowerPoint

* Prepare tender documentation for various products and services

* Post ads in print and on-line media


Our partner is a member of Body of Chartered Accountants and Authorized Accountants of Romania and delivers solutions to improve your business performance by providing professional accounting services, accounting expertise and tax consultancy