Occupational safety and health, civil protection

Currently, our partner has the following areas of activity:

occupational safety and health, being accredited by the Commission for external preventive services commissioning within the Territorial Labor Inspectorate of Bucharest, based on art. 28-45 of the Methodological Norms for the Application of the Law on occupational safety and health no. 319/2006 modified, approved by GD no. 1425/2006, as subsequently amended and supplemented;

management of emergency situations by applying Law no. 307/2006 on fire protection, Ministry of Internal Affairs Order no. 163/2007 for the approval of the General Norms for fire protection, Ministry of Internal Affairs Order no. 712/2005 for the approval of the General Provisions on training of employees in the field of emergency situations and other normative acts in the field, respectively by applying Law no. 481/2004 on civil protection;

waste management by applying Law no. 211/2011 and GD no. 856/2002.

The alarming situation regarding the number of occupational diseases and work-related accidents has led to the conclusion that their prevention must be a priority for all employers. Statistics show that there are 7 deadly work accidents every year in Romania for every 100,000 workers and several thousand accidents with temporary or total incapacity for work. In this situation, each victim and his / her family live a drama, and the companies bear direct and indirect costs that are very high:

fines and sanctions from the Territorial Labor Inspectorate;

expenses for drawing up the file by specialized occupational safety and health firms;

indemnities for injured persons or their relatives;

health care;

payment of experts;

lawyers’ fees;

trial expenses;

  • material damage.

All this can ruin a business. Most accidents can be prevented through a proper knowledge and awareness of the dangers and risks at the workplace and taking measures to eliminate or reduce them.

Win TIME and MONEY by implementing a professional workplace security system by managing human and material resources so that we can both contribute to the elimination of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and deaths cause by these.

How is it possible?

Well, we are at your disposal with experience and professionalism and we can:

prepare the occupational safety and health / emergency situations documentation;

if changes occur, update the occupational safety and health or emergency situations documentation;

perform the general introductory training upon hiring employees;

go at each work place to deliver the periodic instruction;

prepare the prevention and protection plan;

inform about the correct actions to be carried out in various emergency situations (earthquake, floods, fires, nuclear / chemical attack etc.);

draw up fire action plans or civil protection emergency plans;

prepare the decision to appoint first aid responsible;

inform you in writing about the deficiencies found during the workplace checks and propose prevention and protection measures;

follow-up on the measures ordered by the labor inspectors or the inspectors from the Emergency Situations Inspectorate during the control visits;

participate together with the employer in the Labor Authority inspections.

Waste management

We provide advice on the selective collection of waste and the reporting of its situation to the Environmental Authority, on the drawing up of lists of waste categories, waste prevention measures etc.