* Simple translation

* Authorized translation

* Certified translation

* Certification of a translation performed by an uncertified translator

* Translation collation

Available languages:

* English

* French

* Italian

* Spanish

* German

* Russian

* Hungarian

* Chinese

* Japanese

* Korean

* Arabic

* Turkish

* Hebrew

* Persian etc.

How is the price set?

A translation page is counted at 2,000 characters with spaces, meaning the target text / finished product.

Documents with a volume of characters of below one page or the last page of a multi-page document that sums-up at least 500 characters with spaces are priced at the full value of a page. Drafting is done with a single space between words.

The notarial fee for the legalization of the translator’s signature, the apostille fee, the legalization fee and the cost occasioned by the delivery of the translation shall be borne separately by the customer’s translation fee.

Each additional physical copy of an authorized / legalized translation material is charged with 5 lei (1-50 pages), 10 lei (59-100 pages), etc. In case of legalized additional copies, the notarial fee for legalizing the translator’s signature is added to the fee of authorized / legalized additional copies.

The urgent translations can be further charged up to 100% additional fee, with the prior approval of the customer.

The translation capacity is 1-50 pages per day, depending on the difficulty of the translated material and the translator’s availability.

Quality of the works – the translator will ensure the proper quality of the works. Any corrections to the works are not subject to any additional charge by the translator and are made within 48 hours of receipt of the translation